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Hello and thank you for visiting our site. was birthed from the result of an incredibly challenging metamorphosis my life underwent throughout the entire 2019 year.  It taught me to prioritize the elements in my life that contribute to having a fulfilling, peaceful, and well-lived life.  I will be sharing some of my insight on the matter in the weeks to come.

I am the mother of 3 sons (ages 27, 22 & 21) and newly single after 20+ years of marriage.  Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, I moved to Southern California in 1992 and have lived here ever since.  I graduated many, many years ago from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology. In my thirties, I changed career paths and became a Non-Profit Specialist and Executive up until last year when I walked away from my corporate job of almost ten years.

In 2018 I celebrated the exhilaration of becoming a self-published romance author, inspired by several individuals who encouraged me after beta-reading some of my writing.  (Tanked by V.L. Clark…you can get in on Amazon😊)

Over my 50+ years I have been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, mentor, employee, employer, student, pastor, entrepreneur, business owner, published author and most importantly a woman!  Just a few rolls that I realize I have some knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share from.  Add to that the many life experiences (weight issues, divorce, depression, anxiety, loss of parents, etc.) I have endured to get to where I am today … At Peace and Living My Best Life!

Today, my favorite title is Nana!  My goal is to continue to live a fulfilled, healthy, happy, and meaningful life and to also share with others information about how this can be a reality for them.  Hence our motto, Eudaemonia, “The Art of Living Well”.

Nessa Clark

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