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no quitter spirit tolerated or allowed

Nessa’s Weekly Blog Start a blog they said.  Create a website and dive into affiliate marketing.  Maybe an ecommerce store is the way to go.  These are definite ways to begin your online entrepreneurship.  You see the ad’s everywhere on social media.  In this age of ecommerce there are now more and more programs, books, … no quitter spirit tolerated or allowed Read More »

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2020 isn’t so bad after all

Nessa’s Weekly Blog It’s all a matter of perspective. I know you’re immediately thinking, “What is she talking about?  We are in the middle of a global pandemic, many are suffering great loss and sorrow, we’re experiencing worldwide economic devastation and have been contending with more protests and demonstrations for more causes than at any other … 2020 isn’t so bad after all Read More »

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career & business

I completely disoriented myself just to find my balance By Kitti Borissza a year of traveling around the world as a community facilitator My biggest ever copywriting success is that I played with a tagline that made it to a T-shirt. Hard to believe leaving Medellin was already two months ago. Where all this time … career & business Read More »

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food & nutrition

While the current pandemic certainly hasn’t been ideal for my social life, and sadly disrupted my 2020 travel plans, it’s definitely allowed me to focus more on my health and fitness journey, something I had routinely put off year after year in favor of other more enjoyable activities. When restaurants closed temporarily during the first … food & nutrition Read More »

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Motivation Sanity and Peace During a Pandemic If you are like me, and I dare say most other people, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on whatever it is we once called “normal” in our everyday lives.  A common sentiment shared with me over the last few months is that normal is broken.  With … motivation Read More »

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Family Top 5 Classic Holiday Movies For Your Family to Enjoy this Holiday Season One of the best parts of the season is the buildup of your favorite holidays. No one can wait for the excitement that Christmas and Hanukkah bring to those who celebrate with family gatherings and gift-giving. One way we love to … family Read More »

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entertaining Holiday Celebrations in 2020 I live in Southern California, basically the corona virus capital of the United States and possibly the world. As we are heading into the Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s Holidays, Southern California is once again under very strict stay at home orders. When initially drafting the article for this post, … entertaining Read More »

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health & fitness

health & fitness The Power of Mindfullness Stress is a common symptom of everyday life. Everyone has experienced it to some extent in their own way. A hint of stress can be a form of motivation, but long term stress is damaging to our bodies and our minds. It clouds our judgment, interrupts sleep patterns, … health & fitness Read More »

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