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Holiday Celebrations in 2020

I live in Southern California, basically the corona virus capital of the United States and possibly the world. As we are heading into the Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s Holidays, Southern California is once again under very strict stay at home orders.

When initially drafting the article for this post, I wanted to share multiple celebration ideas that could be appropriate with close friends and families in small gatherings. However, the explosion of covid-19 cases in the nation, (even my household succumbed to covid-19) has changed my views on holiday celebrations this year.

Experts have stated the importance of following through with as many family traditions as possible during this holiday season, reasoning this can help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety many are experiencing. So, go ahead and bake that twenty dozen or so cookies and deliver them to loved ones. If you love to decorate, go for it. Post images on social media and send text images to grandma and your great uncle. The deliberate inclusion of older family members who have been isolated for their own safety is vitally important for their wellbeing.

One suggestion for a safe celebration I intended to share in the previous draft of this article is the Traveling Dinner Party – Corona Edition. In lieu of the traditional travel dinner party where participants travel to each other’s homes and enjoy one part of their dinner then move on to the next home, consider a traveling meal and Zoom dinner. Instead of participants making and serving their portion of the traveling dinner at their home, all participants agree to meet at a central location, maybe a park, with their portion of the meal prepackaged for each participant. Everyone picks up their entire meal (portions for elderly participants who are isolating can be delivered). Maybe even include a wine or alcoholic beverage exchange. Then you drive back home, go to a Zoom meeting and share dinner together. Decorate and make it a festive occasion, share images with the group. You can even arrange a group game or a dance off via Zoom. This is perfect for elderly family members who, if capable, can also provide a part of the meal, thus having the opportunity to fully participate with family and friends.

However you decide to celebrate with family and friends, please be safe! Covid-19 does not discriminate. Thankfully, most people who contract this virus will recover from it, but trust me, you don’t want it. Even the mild symptoms can go on for weeks disrupting your daily life. 

My prayers and condolences go out to the family and friends of the 300K+ individuals who lost their lives to covid-19 in the United States this year. Your holiday celebrations will definitely be bittersweet.

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