Nessa Clark

Be Your Best Career Architect!: Here are the Blueprints


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YOU are the only business that matters. No one is going to save you from the job you hate, the failing business that you own, the fear of starting a business at all, the education that you’re not using, the networks that you don’t have, the manager whom you despise or the pay raise that you haven’t gotten. You must save yourself. This book shows you how to be your best and only career architect.You’ll learn: 1. How to get the job that you want; 2. How create a brand (you) that employers and customers want; 3. How to get paid what you want; 4. How to get unstuck if you are in a career rut; 5. How to ignore typical career “wisdoms” that are self-defeating nonsense; 6. How to be your best career architect.


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